Thursday, 11 October 2012

October- Winter connection

Here are el nino years that had cold october's, all of which were part of my analog set for my winter outlook:

Precipitation looks wet overall:

This is what these years looked like for winter verifying the fact that cold and wet October's mean that a cold winter is coming up for the eastern u.s. We are heading down that road right now with a major trough in the east and widespread frost's/ freezes in the northeast tonight. Don't forget the early season snowfalls across minnesota earlier this month and hundreds of record high's and lows shattered across a wide area of the central and northern u.s.

This october looks mighty cold so far across the central u.s with more coming as another series of troughs reappear next week.

8-16 day temperature anomalies bring the chill back into the northern and western parts of the u.s:

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